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Alpine Rally organisers have a real dilemma on their hands over the next three days. The biannual event has attracted an incredible 130 entries for three days of rallying in East Gippsland - with competitors coming from all around Australia, and even New Zealand, to compete. With 125 cars set to start the rally at 2pm today, that’s around $175,000 in entry fees that the Historic Rally Association has taken for this event, so clearly, there's a lot at stake. The problem is, Victoria is about to witness an incredible rain event not seen for decades.
A quick look at the weather forecast for the next two days, Friday and Saturday, shows Lakes Entrance with the predicted rainfall of up to 120 mm in that period.
With 125 cars driving fast over gravel roads in that region, it doesn’t take Einstein to realise that road damage could be a real issue. So put yourself in the shoes of event organisers and how they tackle the problem that faces them.
An official event statement late on Wednesday night said the event will go ahead regardless, but how realistic is that given the forecast at hand?
Like you, we have our fingers crossed that the clouds don’t produce the rain predicted, and that the event can go ahead unaltered. It remains to be seen if that is the case.  
Alpine Rally Facebook page message

The official word on the event Facebook page showed plenty of optimism.

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