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You could say that the following article is based on nothing but the thoughts of a bored rally journalist, and you'd probably be right. But given the things we've already endured throughout this crazy year, then you may forgive me a little editorial licence. Yesterday's announcement that Petter Solberg and Andreas Mikkelsen will team up for some demonstration runs at next month's Rally Sardinia got me thinking. Sure, the reason for the appearance is to test the new Pirelli rubber that will feature in the 2021 WRC season, but are there underlining things at play here? Let me cut to the chase.
What are the chances of WRC super team for 2021?
The return of the Petter Solberg World Rally Team, running a two-car team of Citroen C3 WRCs with Andreas Mikkelsen as the team leader, and youngster Oliver Solberg in the second car... Call me crazy, but it would be a salivating development.

Petter Solberg started his own team after Subaru withdrew from the WRC after the 2008 rally season. Photo: Maurice Selden

Petter Solberg ran three different Citroen World Rally Cars in the 2009, 2010 and 2011 WRC seasons, impressively taking eight podium places in 2010. He has form, and a good reputation, a Citroen. Andreas Mikkelsen has plenty of recent WRC experience, and lots of hands-on knowledge of the C3 WRC, having tested it regularly this year in his role as Pirelli's test driver. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Petter needs to find a drive for 19-year old prodigy, Oliver, and the way things are looking, there'll be no 'works' drives on offer for the young Norwegian next year.
He's currently well down the pecking order, probably behind experienced hands like Breen, Ostberg and Paddon ... despite his unquestionable talent.
It was a similar position Petter found himself in at the end of 2008 when Subaru culled their WRC program. Without a drive, he started his own team, ran as a privateer for three years, and was eventually picked up by Ford/M-Sport for 2012. So, is the use of the Citroen C3 WRC at Rally Sardinia simply to test out Pirelli's new tyres, or is it also a chance to see if the car is still competitive, and capable, against the current WRC machines? I'm probably way off the mark, but this is 2020, when every day feels like April Fool's Day...
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