Name : Graeme Wise
City : Rosebud
Condolence : Paul, we only met a few times, your enthusiasm second to none. Condolences to Jenny and boys.

Name : Michael Cains
City : Ringwood East, Victoria
Condolence : I will miss your determination to succeed, your dedication to rallying, and your unique perspective on the sport.  We may not have agreed on all things and you occaisionally annoyed, but you were passionate about the sport we all love and you are a character who will be remembered, and missed.

Name : Ray Day
City : Canberra
Condolence : Rallying has lost a true Gentleman...

Name : Mozza
City : Hobart
Condolence : Paul was a person who when he spoke, you listened! There was so much knowledge and experience in what he said that he commanded your attention. I have only known Paul through rallying and he has taught me so many things that would have taken years to find out myself.
He was a "Navigator's Navigator" and a driver's godsend, to the team he offered un-parralled levels of organisation, taking the hassles of team logistics in his stride.
To Paul's family we appreciate you allowing him to play with us, we were so lucky to know him.
with love,
from Mozza and his extended rally family.

Name : Carolyn Schonafinger
City : Wangaratta
Condolence : My deepest sympathies go to Paul's family at this very sad time.  Paul was a well respected member of the rally community and will be sadly missed.

Name : Alastair & Martine Walker
City : Brisbane
Condolence : Our deepest sympathies to you and your family. We had only met Paul that morning and his willingness to help make sure we were up to speed with everything and knew what to do touched us both. He will be missed by all he met.

With Deepest Sympathies

Alastair & Martine Walker

Name : Christine
City : Sydney
Condolence : It was lovely to say hi last Saturday morning.  We are missing you.

Name : Teamwork Motorsport
City : Melbourne
Condolence : Paul was a great competitor who loved the sport he was involved in, he helped many drivers trying to make a name for themself and he will be sorely missed.
Now leading from above and calling the notes  for everyone

We will catch up one day.

Teamwork Motorsport

Name : Mike Welsh
City : Mooroolbark, Vic.
Condolence : Paul and I shared one of our greatest moments in 35 years of rallying, the 1995 N1 ARC at Rally Aus. It's hard to believe that he is no longer here. A cool head and an organised mind made him one of the best. A 70 page resource document for this one event was proof. We shared many stories in the long hours of travel and reconnaissance, most of them true. I watched him start and build a family and now see it torn to pieces. What a tragedy.

He had character in bucket loads and ambitions that pushed him beyond normal limits. But I always sensed a restless soul that was searching for acceptance. My hope is that he has found peace somehow in his final fate. I'll miss the "howdy".

Name : Ken Cusack

City : Now living on the Gold Coast (SP)

Condolence : Paul will be sadly missed - he flew with me on three occasions to Bega for the combined VIC/NSW/ACT State rounds.  A memorable trip always... with a great sense of adventure and humour.   He pulled the old stunt of jumping out of the aeroplane after landing and kissing the ground!!  A VB thrust into his hand soon got him up on his feet again.  Plummet Airlines will miss one our most "Frequent Flyers" and the promise to take your kids for a Sunday orbit of the City one day remains open forever.   See ya mate....  RIP.
Ken Cusack  QLD.

Name : Craig and Leah Fox
City : Adelaide
Condolence : Our deepest sympathy to the Flintoft family.

Name : Danny Murphy,
City : Kew, Victoria, & Gunma Japan.
Condolence : Paul-san, you will be greatly missed. Your Japanese teammates from Takayama Collage Rally Team, Takakuwa's Rally Team, Funaki's Rally Team and DMA Motorsport were all very sad to hear of your passing, considering your meticulous attention to details, especially safety. You were one of the first co-drivers to us the Hahns device...... Paul, may there be lashings of ginger beer, where ever you are. Deepest sympathies to your loved ones and family.
Name : Carl Roberts
City : Falcon WA
Condolence : fond banter during our competing together on Rally Oz 95, a true loss to all who knew him, a seat awaits along side Colin, Richard and Possum ... forever sideway, you will always be remembered.

Name : Wayne
Condolence : Paul, You were a great character, and a great ambassador for the sport you loved. You will be sadly missed.

Name : Liz Swanton
City : Picnic Point, Sydney
Condolence : I admit not being a very technically minded person, so when I started co-driving in the Corolla Cup Challenge with Jo Cadman back in the Nineties, I struggled to manage my digital watch with its many facilities and my fabulous rally calculator.
Luckily 'gadget man', Paul Flintoft was on hand, also competing in the Cup.
I think he had to explain everything every time we did an event (you know what they say about old dogs and new tricks!), but he did so with never-ending humour and patience.
The last time we talked was last year, when I was handling PR for the Mt Buller event and trying to organise a story about his involvement (with Team MINI) in his local suburban paper.He loved the Mt Buller event, he loved rallying and we laughed about my continuing lack of success with digital gadgets.
Thanks for your courtesy, humour and patience, Paul. RIP.

Name : Michael Thompson
City : Canberra
Condolence : Really sorry to hear of Paul's passing. We spent many a rally discussing the finer details of navigation and his enthusiasm was never wavering. We will miss Paul around the rally service park and in the forest.

Name : Brett Smith
City : Melbourne
Condolence : Thoughts for Paul and his family from myself and Damian Carmody-Stephens of Fudoshin Kendo.  Paul's warm and generous nature stayed with me, long after our kendo paths ceased to cross.  Enthusiasm and passion for motorsport was our shared side interest, when kendo was not on the agenda, and I will always fondly remember those occasions when our conversations turned to a little of both.
Brett Smith
Fudoshin Kendo, Australia

Name : Caroline Langan-Fox & Craig Minca
City : Mooroolbark
Condolence : I met Paul through the rallies, and he became such a treasured friend. We found ourselves in similar situations with our health, and were the support each other needed. I will always remember the nights before our surgeries when we used to go out driving for hours, then stop for dinner. We each understood what it was like for the other.  He was the rock I needed and he gave me hope and optimism through what was an awful time. After that, at each Rally, we would find each other and share a smile and a laugh and a hug.
Paul, your sense of humour was second to none, your friendship was worth it's weight in gold, and your kindness was never ending. You never gave up, never lost hope and gave 200% to all you did!! You are so dear to us and will not be forgotten. You are deeply missed.
Our hearts are with Paul's family in this time of sadness.
Caroline & Craig.

Name : Steve Coad
City : Melbourne
Condolence : I knew Paul both as a fellow competitor in rallying and as a colleague in the IT industry. I really enjoyed his company and listening to him speak about his passion. I will miss Paul but will always carry these memories of him.
My condolences and thoughts are with his family in this difficult time.

Name : Tim Cheesewright
City : Melbourne
Condolence :  I was lucky enough to work with Paul at the Bank of Melbourne and we kept in touch over the last 12 years and had just met recently over the last two months. I was meant to get together with Paul this week. Unfortunately that of course will not occur. Everyone who knew Paul will agree that our lives will be less now that he is gone. Paul, I will enjoy that red that we were going to share and think of all the good times.

To Jenny and their children, our thoughts are with you.

See you mate! You will always be in our thoughts

Name : Sim Martin
City : Melbourne
Condolence : We will miss you Paully! (aka world's most organised co-driver :o) Have lit a candle for you here at Notre-Dame de Paris and I hope you find your way to rally heaven! Long live watch B matey!!! You will be missed!

Name : David Nutter
City : Melbourne
Condolence : Paul will be sadly missed by this Rally Nutter. His organising skills, his passion for rallying at all levels, his little bag of gadgets and stuff, his eagerness to teach,  and to pass on knowledge will be leave a vacuum in my history of rallying, espescially as Paul had the co-driver/navigator  chair in my car at one stage. May his family and friends remember him fondly, as he looks down into the forests.
David Nutter.

Name : Stella Plenderleith
City : Bathurst (formerly of Ballarat)
Condolence : It was a shock to hear of Paul Flintoft's passing. I first met Paul at Rally Australia in 1997 and competed with him and in friendly competition against him on many occasions since. We worked very differently but much respected each other's methods and abilities. Paul Flintoft, like us all, loved that long and winding road. My thoughts, and those of Ian and Lauren Plenderleith, are with you Paul's family at this time.
Stella Rosa.

Name : Jenna Kelley

City : Eltham, Victoria
Condolence : I was up at Mt Buller when this happened.  I was extremely upset by the accident as I was only talking to Paul that morning (as everyone was very upset too).
I would like to offer my deepest sympathy to Paul's family and friends.  He was a wonderful mentor to many co drivers like myself and always happy to chat and catch up.  He will be sorely missed in our community.


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