Not only will he finish his 2023 campaign as part of the FIA Rally Star program in Germany this coming weekend, he will also take part in the final round of the Australian Rally Championship shortly after.

It will make for a hectic trip back to his homeland.

Gill and co-driver Dan Brkic reside in Finland, and have travelled to Germany for the Lausitz Rally before taking the 24-hour haul to Canberra, Australia.

When he gets to Australia, Gill will get straight into testing his Subaru Impreza WRX STi as he returns to the Production Cup category for one of his favourite rallies.

The Ford Fiesta Rally3 he will drive in Germany will be a far cry from the production-spec Subaru he’ll drive on the rough Canberra gravel a week later.

“I think the European rally is going to be the easier of the two,” Gill explained.

“We’re coming into the event having done all the preparations we can – it will essentially be us arriving and going about our business, and trying to get a good result in the process.

“Ideally, we have a trouble-free run and can show consistent pace.”

After that event, Gill heads to the FIA headquarters in Geneva with the other Rally Star drivers, for a final debrief on the season as a whole.

The roads around Canberra are some of Gill's favourite.

From there, Gill’s flight leaves Switzerland for Australia, where he admits a tough challenge will start.

“Coming to Australia and getting straight into a rally after 24 hours or more of travel will be interesting,” he laughed.

“Firstly, we won’t have had much chance to prepare, but couple this with being jet lagged, it’s going to be tough.

“On top of that, we’re getting back in a car that is 200kg heavier than the Fiesta Rally3 we’ve been driving, so adapting to that will take some time.”

Despite the numerous challenges and whirlwind fortnight he has in store, Gill is eager to arrive home and compete in a rally with a few less pressures.

“We’ve put absolutely everything into our year in the FIA Rally Star program this year, so to be able to come home and finish it off with our family team is something I’m looking forward to.

“With the FIA Rally Star team, we get different mechanics every rally, but at home, it’s the same core group of people who have been helping us for years, so it’s a really relaxed feeling.

“I have no expectations for results – this is all about coming home and closing out the year at home and giving our sponsors some extra promotion. 

“Of course, people will be looking at the times, but we’ve got nothing to gain by taking undue risks, so we’ll be smart about how we drive.”

Gill’s Lausitz Rally is this weekend, November 10 and 11, while the Rally of Canberra gets underway the following weekend, November 18 and 19.

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