Former WRC champion Luis Moya's lucky escape from an Aneurism
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Luis Moya’s lucky escape from cerebral aneurism


57-year old Luis Moya, two times World Rally Champion co-driver, is happily recovering after suffering a cerebral aneurism at home in La Coruna, north west Spain.

He safely underwent an operation after suffering a severe headache.

Emphasing his recovery he posted a picture of himself in hospital saying:

“What luck I have had. No consequences!”

Luis Moya

On hearing the news in Lima just before the start of Dakar, his championship winning driver, Carlos Sainz, sent a message saying:

“Recover soon, we still have some Classic car rallying to do, but do not give me these scares before the Dakar!”

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Moya retired from WRC rallying at the end of 2002 after having won 24 WRC rallies, the fourth highest co-driver total.

Since then he has twice won the Rally de España Historico with Carlos in a Porsche, worked as Subaru World Rally Team Sporting Director, and more recently as the WRC Ambassador for Volkswagen.

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