The minutes from last month’s ARCom meeting have made it clear how competitors go about contacting them if they would like to have a technical or sporting issue raised at a future meeting.

The initial contact should be made to your State Rally Advisory Panel (SRAP).

The SRAP will then refer the matter to the CAMS Rally Manager, who then refers it to the relevant ARCom portfolio holder.

The item will then be discussed by the ARCom members.

“It sounds a little long-winded, but we need those steps along the way because some issues will be dealt with by the States, others which reach the Manager may be dealt rapidly by him and, if necessary, having passed both those filters a dedicated Commissioner will take over.  I am sure it will work a lot better and a lot faster than it has in the past,” ARCom chairman, Ed Ordynski, said.

ARCom will then deal with recommendations put to it from the portfolio holders, the item having received consideration from state panels, the national manager and whomever the portfolio holder finds it appropriate to consult.

It is anticipated that all business items put to ARCom will be considered within a month, as per the scheduled tele-conferences, the minutes said.

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