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I have just read the news that the Rally of Canberra is holding a night stage on the Friday night. I have just one thing to say - thank you to the organizers of the event and there should be more of it.

The only time that we have been able to see this sort of thing at the Rally of Canberra is when the cars go over the start ramp on Friday night, then the light pods are taken off and put back in the truck (if they are put on the car at all).

There is nothing like a rally car screaming through the bush at full noise, with great big driving lights hanging off the front. This is an aspect of rallying that has been missing for a long time and makes the cars so unique.

The first rally that I went to had a night stage. This is one of the reasons that I became addicted to the sport, as well as the sideways action.

Well done to Rally of Canberra for this decision, and I will see you out on the stage.

Stephen Dixon
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