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Current Chairman of the Australian Rally Commission, Ed Ordynski, has advised CAMS President, Colin Osborne and CEO, Graham Fountain that he does not wish to seek reappointment to the position in 2008. 

Appointments to CAMS Commissions are for 12 months and part of the renewal process is for the CEO to canvas current incumbents on their interest in continuing. 

Since his appointment was first announced, Ordynski has always maintained that he would give it a full commitment for twelve months only. 

"I think we should be very proud of everything ARCom has achieved this year in a very short timeframe," said Ordynski. 

Ordynski lists the highlight of his year at the helm as opening up a new era of consultation across the sport. 

"In 2007 we introduced ARCom meetings being held monthly with minutes out within seven days; monthly teleconferences with the State Rally Panels; re-formed the Australian Rally Championship Working Group to comprise mainly event organisers and teams; identified Commissioners as portfolio holders and encouraged direct access to those Commissioners; invited event organisers from a wide variety of rallies to take part in strategic planning; and placed a renewed focus on state level events and competitors and the 'grass-roots' of the sport. 

"When I look back on that I am very proud of everything the ARCom team achieved," confirmed Ordynski. 

Ordynski also actively attended Tarmac Rally Working Group meetings and used his travel budget to attend events with which he was least familiar - a move very warmly received by all involved. 

"I think we have shown that ARCom is keen to listen to the stakeholders, recognise the issues that are being faced and produce positive outcomes," said Ordynski. 

Between now and the end of the year Ordynski sees the main priority being to merge the results of the Australia-wide consultation that took place as part of ARCom's recent strategic planning meeting, into a plan that will form ARCom's focus for the next term.  CAMS President, Colin Osborne, has also invited Ordynski to take an active role in CAMS overall, strategic planning conference in September to define the future strategic direction for CAMS and the development of its new Corporate Plan. 

"Ed has been instrumental in following a sound model for planning ARCom's future direction," remarked Mr Osborne.

"Ed is a valued and respected member of the sport and CAMS and we look forward to his ongoing involvement and contribution to CAMS into the future," Osborne added. 

Ed is also actively involved with the Australian Institute for Motor Sport Safety and will be a key presenter at its forthcoming conference. Osborne also reaffirmed his appreciation for Ed's work as Chairman over the past twelve months.

"We will now enter a period of transition until a new Chairman is appointed for 2008 and during this time, Ed's continued commitment and enthusiasm to the role is welcome." 

Ordynski also recognises the widespread support he has received from competitors, organisers, and volunteers Australia-wide and while a great many have asked him to continue in the role he believes that the direction ARCom is now heading will continue the momentum generated in 2007. 

"The time I gave to ARCom was immense but I am also involved in many other projects that I really want to do - I am very confident that ARCom will continue the great progress and I hope stakeholders will continue to support that focus," concluded Ordynski. 

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