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How does talent in Australia flourish if the ARC is promoted the way it is? Some competitors are looking overseas for opportunities next year, because of the potential for better exposure.

There isn’t exposure for them in the ARC here. How do you hand over more than $1million to Rallycorp, only to see three events on the fritz, no prize money and no real coverage for the events? 

Would the V8 Supercar boys put up with only FPR and HRT getting coverage? It’s not just a Channel 10 issue either. The ARC gets no coverage in the daily newspaper or any other media, other than sites like RallySport Magazine.
Who will step in and made sure those events threatened will run?  Can the ARC afford to have a different promoter for each event? Why does he (the promoter) have to supply all his own event gear (some of which is supplied by clubs)? Why can’t Rallycorp have a container with 1000’s of metres of bunting, star pickets and vests for each event, and other event gear, and just truck it to each event?
Better still, why do we continually wonder why tarmac rallies get 250+ entries at $5000 each? Gravel rallying cries poor, all the time not realizing the sport is overtaking them.
Why? Simple really, because we have made it so hard to go gravel rallying that only the diehards are left. We make events so hard with rules, bulletins and eligibility that we have “ruled booked” ourselves into oblivion. We fine competitors $1000 for not having a spare wheel, not because of safety, but because the car is “homologated” with a spare so if you compete without it you’re ineligible – how absurd!  We even write CAMS manuals in a language that only a barrister can understand.
Where is the “rally intelligence” that should come from CAMS to event promoters, like competitor lists, what they drive, when they last competed and what their eligibility status is and the likelihood of them entering?
Problem is that gravel rallying doesn’t know the customer too well. There is no business intelligence available from the top down. The last meaningful stats came from the recent RallySport Magazine survey.
Garry Connelly claimed he “Wasn’t surprised” at the survey results. Well, what has he done other than resign to fix the core issues? Nothing substantial.

So as usual the 2007 rally season will start again with no real direction. Well, you might just see a few missing in action. They will be off somewhere else getting the recognition and support they so richly deserve. Why have we made it so hard to go rallying?
Our DNA as a sport is threatened whilst we don’t stem the competitors leaving gravel rallying. Time for a national summit. How about it Garry?

Flatin5th, Qld
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