Monit G-100 Rally Computer

Monit G-100 Rally Computer


The new G-Series computers use a high-powered industrial GPS receiver coupled with an external antenna to provide market leading accuracy. To guarantee precision operation in all situations Monit developed the GPS+ system that can combine the signals from the GPS with a traditional wheel speed sensor, providing automatic backup in case of signal loss.

The compact and light-weight design combined with the simple installation afforded by GPS make it easy to fit into any modern or classic rally vehicle. It is also ideal for use in reconnaissance vehicles.

Feature G-100 G-200
GPS Operation GPS+ GPS+
Wheel Sensor Operation or WSS or WSS
Total Distance (5-digit) x x
Interval Distance (5-digit) x x
Current Speed x x
Average Speed x
Maximum Speed x x
Stopwatch x x
Fuel Gauge x
Time of Day x
Overspeed Alarm x
Special Stage Recorder x
Vehicle Performance Timers x x
Programmable Foot Resets 2x 2x
Operation in Miles or Kms x x

NOTE: In order to function correctly, the G-100 requires a PR004 or PR005 GPS Antenna, or a PR001 Inductive Wheel Probe, a PR002 Speed Sensor or a PR003 ABS Sensor Interface. These items are all available from Maximum Motorsport.

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