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Official RSM Pacenote Books


Never miss a note with our professionally produced A4 pacenote books.

Our pacenote books are:

  • 80 pacenote pages plus cover page and contents page
  • 6 lines of notes per page
  • 297mm high x 210mm wide
  • Books are bound using strong spiral binding which allows the books to fold back fully, with no interference from the binding, or any chance of pages coming loose
  • Each book has a strong 2.5mm cardboard backing for greater stability when holding the book during a stage, or when resting on your knees

Each book contains

  • Cover page x1
  • Contents page x1
  • Pacenote pages x80
  • 6 Pace Note lines per page
  • Extra space has been allowed for underlining and there are three other guidelines for the pace notes.


Sold By: RallySport Magazine
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