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If you don’t already have plans to attend Rally Australia in November, make some! Dallas Dogger tells you why you have to be there!

Hyundai's Dani Sordo thrills the big crowds at the Rally of Poland.

Rally Poland has got to me. Big time.

I have been lucky enough over the years to see and ride with many of the world’s best rally drivers and one thing they all have in common is commitment.

Poland was a watershed for our sport. The first proper European WRC gravel test for the year, revealing for me new rally Gods. I knew they were good, but who knew that they were that good?

I am now convinced that Seb, Jari-Matti, Dani, Thierry and co will move into the history books as our fastest drivers. The upcoming Finland test may seal it …  

LatvalaJari-Matti Latvala was in hot form in Poland, but his Yaris let him down on day two.Make no mistake; the golden era of rallying was fantastic and I admire and revere those drivers and teams from the past. They drove at impossible speeds in less developed cars. Truly memorable.

What is it that separates the good from the great?  The cars help, but it’s the sheer commitment and talent by our young WRC drivers, now abundant in recent WRC events.

Many contend that ‘Men” drive Group B cars and the WRC is not as good. I say rubbish!

The Poland footage was just breathtaking. I can’t imagine anyone denying that it was not exhilarating to watch. The commitment on notes over crests, using all the road and half the scenery is 110% what rallying needs. These are truly great “men” driving today.

We were editing some of this footage for our Rally Australia needs and someone in our office, who had never seen rallying before, commented that the footage was “insane”.

That was the reaction I was looking for and with the changes to the WRC cars for 2017, the sport has delivered, and has its mojo back big time.

Some bemoan the loss of Group B – for us of the era, it was the pinnacle of our sport and many of us packed ourselves up and trotted off to Rally NZ to watch the Group B cars battle it out on those great roads. These are memories burned into my rally hard drive: I can’t shake them.

What of 2017? Are we seeing true rally greatness again? Are we just accustomed to fabulous images and videos posted as soon as the action happens?

Are we now desensitised to this rally greatness? I hope not!  

Kennards Hire Rally Australia will be your opportunity to see these 2017 WRC rally gods in action. If you are not competing, helping out or servicing, then you need to find a way to be in Coffs Harbour in November. If you have a pinch of rally blood in your veins, you need to be there.

HyundaiThierry Neuville and his WRC rivals have made the WRC as exciting as in the Group B days.

We have had memorable times in Australian rallying. Ari Vatanen on the roads around Canberra, Bjorn Waldegaard in the Southern Cross, Possum Bourne in the WRC Subaru. I will add the WRC stars around Coffs.

In the late 70s and early 80s we used to go to car clubs and watch videos like ‘Stages To Victory” or “A Tale Of Two Rallies” or even “40 Split Seconds”, films that fired us up. The cars of today are a fitting tribute.

Get yourself and your kids to Coffs Harbour. See them in the dry, see them in the mud, but see them somewhere - you will not be disappointed!

Importantly, let your kids see the spectacle first hand.  We need dreamers and we need competitors for the future. Take them to the service park and let them watch bent cars be brought back to life.

Our local rally stars will be in action too. Our best will be on show and whilst not in full house WRC cars, they are 110% committed as well. We need to cheer them on too. They are our best, they are our local heroes. Cheer loudly for them. Show them we love ‘em.   

We need to inspire our kids to be great, we need them to see commitment and sometimes we need to see it for ourselves.  

See you at Coff.  I would be buying my tickets now if it was me!

We will bring you all the action on your phone and tablet, but there is no substitute for dust in your hair and between your teeth!

CLICK HERE to book your Kennards Hire Rally Australia tickets.

- Dallas Dogger

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