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Troy Dowel really didn't need another lockdown! In remission from leukaemia, the young Melbourne driver is looking at the positives, and is keen to be back in the forest soon. We asked Troy how he was keeping busy. RSM: Where are you holed up during this lockdown? Troy Dowel: I am held up at my home in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We have a little bit of land so there is plenty to do. RSM: Who's in the house with you? TD: Well I live with my brother, step Mum and Dad, They are good company and we all have a good relationship with each other. We also have a dog and three horses to look after. RSM: What are you doing to keep amused during these strange times? TD: I have been mostly catching up on my favourite TV shows or movies on Netflix, but we also have a home gym that I've been spending an hour or two in each day. I think it is important to create some sort of routine during these strange times as it really can help if you work towards improving or learning a skill, such as cooking.

Troy Dowel is back in the gym preparing for when the rally season finally returns

RSM: Do you have a simulator close by to keep you entertained? TD: Yeah, I have a simulator at home. I mostly play Dirt Rally or iRacing. I believe it's a great way to keep in shape for racing and it is a lot of fun as well. RSM: Are there any cars and tools there for you to play with? TD: No, but i wouldn't mind having a car to work on, it looks like a bit of fun and a great way to eat up a bit of time. RSM: What are you missing most about not being able to get out and about? TD: Well its nothing that I'm not used to. Last year I spent about two and a half months in hospital, but probably the thing I miss the most is rallying. I have been dying to get out in the forest since I've started the remission phase of my treatment, but the positive thing I'm taking out of the lockdown is that it is going to give me a better chance to properly get prepared for the rally season when it starts. RSM: What are the three most used apps on your phone at the moment? TD: The three most used apps are Facebook, Instagram and Netflix. RSM: Do you think we'll be back rallying before the end of the year? TD: I would like to think that we will be rallying before the end of the year, but we are in such a volatile period it is really hard to tell, especially with winter coming. I think it is important though to keep the safety of the public as the number one priority and take as little risks as possible.

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