Yesterday’s Rally Blog asked if Sebastien Loeb is the greatest rally driver of all time, or if his reputation will be tarnished because he has never driven for a team other than Citroen.

Our RallySport Magazine Facebook page has been busy with comments from our readers, who all have their opinions.

Here’s some of their thoughts.

“Was just thinking this exact thing yesterday, would be nice to see how he would have gone in another car...” – Mik Siggins

“Not anymore, the young apprentice Ogier is the new risen star.” – Nick Darling

“Is there also a case to be made that the dominance of one driver - Loeb here, Schuey in F1 - actually has a chilling or dampening effect on the development of competition at the highest level? I had a lot of time for Hollywood when he was driving for Subaru, but there were a good half dozen drivers who could match him on any given stage, and four top teams in the WRC. Now, realistically, we have Citroen and Loeb and Ford filling the other spots. No Toyota, no Subaru, no Italian brands at all. A true world championship? You tell me....” – Mark Baker

“Technically Loeb is one of the best drivers for sure. If you look at the way he drives the car he is so smooth and precise. Until now he has been one of the only drivers to adopt this level of smoothness. If you look at tyre wear from other drivers on similar loops of stages, Loeb has always had a little less wear than the others. Ogier is another such driver who also drives in this way, as his tyre wear is similar to Loeb’s. Just something to add into the mix!” - Roman Watkins

 “Certainly up there with the best and like Schuey will forever probably be statistically the best, but through no fault of his own it hasn't been a competitive WRC era and as a French driver in a French car the team was always going to be built around him. However I'd like to see him in a non-French car then ask me again... but no doubting his ability as being up there with the best. At the end of the day you cannot select the era you drive in, you take the opportunity and do your best!” - Craig O'Brien

“I'm more inclined to the view he's some kind of android and the real Loeb has been abducted by aliens...nobody's THAT perfect!” – Mark Baker

“I also have harboured thoughts that rally is a different ball game to what it was back a few years (or more) ago. Would like to see how Loeb would stack up against some of the past greats, in identical cars, and how many others out there could have done as well with the level of support Loeb enjoys if they had the chance!” - Gayle Cresswell

What do you think? Tell us your views on our Facebook page.

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