The North Eastern Rallysprint, set for July 20, is an all-new event but harks back to various events held in a similar format two decades ago.

Those events, run by the North Eastern Car Club, proved popular for many reasons. Club competitors would run this as part of their regular rally season, while other teams would use the event as vital seat time to test their machines during their all-important Victorian or Australian Rally Championship campaigns.

It’s the goal of this event to provide a similar opportunity for all.

Set in the Moyhu Forest on flowing, undulating roads, two stages will be run multiple times in both directions throughout the day.

An optional reconnaissance run will be conducted for the stages before the competition begins at a leisurely time beyond 9:30am from the Moyhu Recreation Reserve.

While entry fees and final competition details are yet to be finalised, the simple nature of the rallysprint will appeal to competitors far and wide.

Promoted by the North Eastern Car Club, the North Eastern Rallysprint will be capped at 30 cars, with Supplementary Regulations available in a matter of weeks.

Route Images

Event: North Eastern Rallysprint

Rally Base: Moyhu, Victoria

Date: 20 July 2024

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