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Petter Solberg was forced to retire from Rally Argentina on Day 3 whilst in third place after his Citroen Xsara lost all fuel pressure, but that wasn't the only disappointment the Petter Solberg World Rally Team suffered.  Team Manager, Ken Rees' briefcase, containing vital team documentation, was stolen from the Service Park.

"This was not what we came here for," Solberg said when he returned back to service after the stop. "We were third, and I intended to keep that position, but then we lost the fuel pressure. Five kms before the finish line it all stopped. No fuel pressure at all, and there was nothing we could do about it. We had no other choice than to retire."

The weekend started well for Solberg and co-driver, Phil Mills, with a stage win on Friday. They had to tackle a few problems on Saturday, when they lost the boost and later a puncture and an overheating engine, but managed to be fourth at the end of day 2. Sunday started out well, but came to a sudden end when they lost the fuel pressure and had to retire.

Then, just as the team members were packing everything at the servicepark, someone stole Team Manager Ken Rees’ briefcase. With all the team documentation, plans, laptop, money, and passport inside.

"What a day," Solberg said. "First we got ripped off from our third place, and then we got robbed. When you travel around the world like we do, the briefcase is your office and losing that is a disaster. The money can be replaced, but can you imagine all the work hours that briefcase contained!"

Source: www.pettersolberg.com

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