Sixteen-year old NSW driver, Taylor Gill, will make his rallying debut in this weekend’s Rally of the Bay. He writes exclusively for RallySport Magazine. * * * * * There’s a certain vibe that people get in the lead up to a rally. Whether they’re a driver, navigator, spectator or official, all parties are equally excited for the event to get underway. Rallies just give us a form of satisfaction that we cannot compare to much else. For me, however, the upcoming Rally of the Bay is off the charts in terms of my excitement. Throughout my whole junior karting career, I was a ball of excitement in the week leading up to an event, and that same feeling is starting to brew in my stomach before ‘The Bay’. I missed out on Rally Australia last year when it was cancelled due to the terrible bushfires. Then the National Capital Rally in March was postponed due to the Coronavirus.
It’s almost like everyone has lied to me and the sport of rallying doesn’t actually exist.
Thankfully, with Coronavirus slowing down, I get to make my rallying debut at the infamous ‘Rally of The Bay’ this Saturday, July 4. I have always heard nothing but good things about the roads down south, with the general theme that they are fast, flowing and smooth, and who doesn’t love that! My Dad has competed in the ‘Rally of The Bay’ on multiple occasions, both as a driver and as a navigator, and he has always raved about the roads. In particular, there’s one stretch called “Quart Pot Road” in the 44km “Run to Mogo” stage. He tells me it’s the best piece of road he ever drove on: smooth, fast and flowing with a few crests thrown in to keep it interesting. “It’s a properly fun slice of shire road heaven,” he says. Just to drive on that same section of road that he always talks about, 20 years on, will be a big buzz in itself.

In his first event, 16-year old Taylor Gill is seeded #26 for the Rally of the Bay.

Like many, our car was prepped and ready to go for the ‘Nat Cap’ in March meaning, that it hasn’t seen much love in recent months. However, we picked up a little service truck recently, so that has been keeping us busy during the lockdown period We’ve been getting it decked out with spares that we hope we never have to use. With bushfires hitting the Batemans Bay area pretty hard last year, the forests are going to look very different to previous years. Pacenotes will become very important as their won’t be much of a tree line to follow in places. Respect to everyone who is doing the blind rally. I have no doubt it’ll be a real challenge! I can’t wait to finally get out there and hit the gravel, just short of seven months later than initially planned. Our only goal is to get to the finish unscathed, and any result we get is a bonus. Until next time, Taylor.
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