Here’s the young gun’s thoughts heading into the third round of the NSW Rally Championship. * * * * * * In any week leading up to a rally I have an eye firmly planted on the forecast, and of course that’s no different this week. However, generally you’d be praying for the rain to migrate to a different part of the country, yet this weekend I wouldn’t mind if it hung around.
I’m at the stage in my very short career where I want to learn as much as I can, and a wet rally is part of that.
Of course, I don’t want the rain to soak it so much so that it gets cancelled, but realistically that wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary for a rally this year! It’s a good feeling being back on pace notes as well. I can’t wait to put into practise our pace note gains from Batemans Bay, and of course, after the blind event at Oberon, it’ll be a good feeling knowing where the road goes over the crest!
As far as the roads themselves, from what I’ve seen they look quite flowing and smooth, but only time will tell.
Unlike Batemans Bay, we will be doing our full recce on the Friday before the rally. Although recceing a couple of weeks in advance for Rally of the Bay gave us plenty of time and took a bit of pressure off me for my first rally, you don’t get that luxury very often. Because of that, I made the ‘executive driver’ decision that we would be doing our recce on the Friday. With only a handful of crews opting to run on pace notes, I’m certainly hoping for a good result, however that said, there’s still some very fast teams running on the road book. I’ve still got it in the back of my head that finishing is the most important thing for us at the moment. Until next week, Taylor
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