Taylor Torques: Lessons from India put to the test

RallySport Magazine columnist, Taylor Gill, is fresh from winning the FIA Rally Star award for the Asia Pacific region. This weekend he’s back in his Subaru Impreza at the Adelaide Hills Rally.

Far out, where do I even start? The last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy, that’s for sure!

Off the back of an incredible time in India, there’s been zero rest ahead of this week’s Adelaide Hills Rally, based out of The Bend Motorsport Park.

But before I hook into that, India … what a place! What an experience! And it was all worth it in the end.

To say I’m over the moon would be an understatement, and although I’m the guy who won on the day, it all goes back to everyone who’s helped me in any way possible since day dot.

In all honesty, those three days at the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Star final were some of the toughest of my career to date.

Massive pressure, strong competition, tricky weather and incredibly difficult-to-drive cross-karts made the perfect recipe for selecting a winning candidate, which luckily enough was me.

With any motorsport, every day is a learning day and although there’s not much in a driving sense I can bring from India to translate into the Subaru, it’s the dealing with pressure and the mental approach where I’m feeling more up-to-date then ever!

FIA Rally Star winner Taylor Gill with his long-supporter father, Dallas.

From zero to hero … hopefully

After putting zero points on the scoreboard in Gippsland, Adelaide becomes a make-or-break event for us, and with strong competition yet again, going up against Max McRae, it’s sure going to be interesting!

In what’s going to be a new-look event for the ARC, I’m expecting a tricky rally with almost two polar opposite days.

Saturday is the typical SA shire road stages known for being incredibly fast, coupled with the tricky autocross-style stages around The Bend Motorsport Park.

It’s this change of rhythm I’m expecting to be the decider in who does well and who doesn’t this weekend.

Nevertheless, I’m feeling as prepared as I can be and am keen to get back down to business in the ARC.

– Taylor

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Taylor Gill