Motorsport UK have dropped a bombshell on rally competitors as the country tries to resume competition during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a lengthy document titled "Getting Back On Track", Motorsport UK CEO, Hugh Chambers, outlined a host of important considerations “in getting various parts of the sport up and running at the earliest opportunity”. For rallying the first, and most concerning, related to Vehicle Sharing, Passengers and Co-drivers.
"It is unlikely that vehicle sharing, passengers or co-drivers will be permitted while social distancing is to be respected," it says.
The document continues ... The following guidance pertains to Rally Timed Trial Event Organisers. "Against the backdrop of the current UK Government guidance it is anticipated that, for the events to be able to be run safely, there will be significant changes required across all facets of the event organisation. "In the first phase of re-establishing Rallying, to respect Government requirements for social distancing, the assumption has been made that vehicles must be single occupancy with no passengers or navigators and no shared driving of vehicles. "Since not all competitors are in the position that their passenger, navigator or shared driver can be a cohabitant and to ensure fair play and ease of application of these guidelines it is the safest first step to re-establishing events. This affects Safety Cars and other officials as well as competitors and why, in this first tentative phase, it is envisaged that only a Rally Timed Trial at a secure single venue where spectators can be excluded is permissible. "As soon as Government restrictions permit a change, guidance will be updated to permit the re-establishing of stage and road rallies from 12 Cars and Navigational Scatters to Road, Historic Road, Targa Road and Navigation Rallies. "At the current time it is not anticipated that these will change substantially for the immediate foreseeable future. This may change, subject to further clarification or guidance from government. "The following guidance is not exhaustive, however Motorsport UK urges that venue and event organisers take a conservative approach towards their interpretation of the guidelines set out in order to protect competitors, teams, marshals, officials and volunteers. "It is important and prudent at this time to adopt appropriate and practical precautions to protect the NHS and save lives." To read the full document CLICK HERE.
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