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Victoria Cross Rally all set for April 13

The evening of April 13 will see the next running of the Victoria Cross Rally by the Historic Rally Association. 

It will be a special stage rally to be conducted over public and private roads within Mount Disappointment, the traditional home of the Victoria Cross Rally.

The event was popular in the early 1980s when today’s classic rally cars were nearly new and this event is the second ‘modern’ running of this much loved rally, in an area that rarely sees a rally car these days.

The event will run in two Divisions with a service break between. Each Division will consist of 45km competitive and 35km transport. The event will start and finish in Broadford and all competitive stages will be in the Mt Disappointment State Forest.

It is fully route charted over 10 stages, totalling 90km competitive.

The Event additionally offers two separate introductory rallies:

1. The Standard Car Challenge Rally, for vehicles that meeting the Resto Country Spares Standard Car Challenge rules. It will be the same length as the special stage Victoria Cross Rally.

2. The Rookies Ramble 2, a shorter introductory event for Novice and Rookie competitors only. It will be 45km of competitive sections with 59km transport sections.

The rally is open to historic rally cars, production rally cars, classic rally cars, club rally cars, standard rally cars (as registered with the HRA Resto Country Spares Standard Car Challenge), R25 rally cars and any other rally car deemed by the Clerk of Course to be in the spirit of historic rallying.

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Entry is restricted to cars over 25 years old and excludes 4WD turbo cars.

As a closed to club event, frontal head restraints are recommended, but not compulsory.

• Supplementary Regulations will be available on the HRA website from March 18. Go to:

• Spectator instructions will be available on the HRA website on April 10 and at the start.

• Officials are requested to e-mail their availability to the Officials Co-ordinator Joel Wald.

Further enquiries may be directed to David McKenzie on 0407 405 109, or Joel Wald on 0412 352 252.

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