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VIDEO: Ostberg has one too many at Otago presentation

A screenshot of Mads Ostberg at the Otago Rally presentation dinner.

One of the highlights of the Otago Rally’s presentation function is the annual ‘Win your weight in Speights’ for each category winner.

With over 500 people in attendance at the function, it never fails to produce a few laughs – and this year’s was the funniest yet!

The winning driver stands on one end of a ‘see-saw’, while cartons of the local beer are added to the other end.

The driver wins the number of cartons he can counter-balance, before the weight of the beer takes over.

Tom Smith takes up the tale …..

“So it comes to Mads’ turn …. remember he’d be lucky to crack 60kg.

Hayden Paddon and John Kennard start loading him up with cartons of beer to increase the mass on his end of the see-saw.

The Otago Rally’s Roger Oakley keeps adding cartons at the other end…

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Inevitably physics took over and the see-saw snapped at the pivot. Never seen that before!!

Mads ended up on the ground with cartons of beer opening on top of him. No breakage, but lots of laughs…..

Mads steals a carton while he thinks no one is looking and returns to his seat!

He kept talking about how to force the Rossendale team to bring him back next year!”

Check out the video below for all the action.

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