Rally Champion Cody Crocker has proven Bulla was no fluke with another win in his Polaris RZR S at Tooborac, Victoria last weekend. Over two and a half days, RZR Racing teams joined the 4x4 action in granite minefields and muddy paddocks. By 6pm Friday it was already pitch black and cold. It had been raining all day, much to the displeasure of the RZR teams from Sydney and Port Macquarie.

A tough mob had assembled at the base of a hill for the event briefing. The Truck and RZR Teams stood together as the stage briefings shouted out across a hushed crowd. The biting cold, the rain and fog gave the challenge an almost military feeling.

All teams competed against the clock. Trucks and RZRs blasted out alone and left crews huddled around fires. Friday’s downpour ensured tracks would become mud pits in minutes. To the surprise of those that were not at Bulla, RZR teams recorded some of the best times on their opening stage.

The sun came out on Saturday and thankfully stayed all weekend. Over two days the Side by Side class (SXS) tackled both extreme 4X4 tracks and some separate cross country driving tracks specifically designed for speed. The stages where winching was not required were the most popular tracks. This will to heavily influence SXS track designs for the future.

Polaris again gave some of Victoria’s most respected Extreme 4WD competitors an opportunity to compete in a RZR S. One driver was Darren Green, “They’re nimble, they grip and accelerate quick. I can’t believe where a RZR can go. There’s definitely a RZR S in my dream garage.” said Green.

“The Side by Side (SXS) class is great new option that will help grow our sport. The initial investment and spares costs are much less. You can win with a RZR S worth under 29 grand,” said Andrew Cassar, a top performer in Extreme 4x4 Challenges.

“Nobody rocked up with a turbo powered RZR this round. We’re showing our determination to keep it as a stock class and avoid cheque book racing,” said Peter Alexander, Polaris Australia and NZ Managing Director. “We want SXS Racing to be affordable for RZR owners,” said Alexander.

Polaris 4X4 Challenge

SXS Class Podium


1. Cody Crocker/Hamish Govan

2. Darren Green/Andrew Cassar

3. Nick Kitchen/John Potter

Who can compete? SXS Regulations have been created which allows owners of Polaris RZR, Polaris RZR S, Kawasaki Teryx and Yamaha Rhino’s to compete. In order to avoid ‘cheque book racing,’ strict regulations are in place to keep things even. SXS Racing in the USA is dominated by the Polaris RZR due to its lower centre of gravity and superior power to weight ratio. That said, the CCDA and Polaris are very keen to be welcoming to all comers.

For the first SXS Racing events in 2010, there will be much to learn about the types of courses that best suit. Therefore, entrants are welcome to simply compete at one or more separate stages, whatever they feel comfortable with. Competitor input to track design is welcome, as proven at Tooborac where tracks were tweaked to enable teams to chase each other. Whilst there were only two interstate RZR teams at Tooborac, there have been a number of keen enquiries from RZR owners and CCDA members nationally. Polaris is currently evaluating location options for the next official event.

Those interested in competing can call Mike Smith on 0408 244 111 or email smithy@acepia.net.au

Want to enter? The world’s best Sports SXS is the Polaris RZR S. No engine, transmission or suspension modifications are permitted or required. A full list of accessories (e.g. winch) you’ll need to be ready to race is available on request from Polaris dealers so you can line up in an identical vehicle to Crocker at the next event.

To request a demo ride of a Polaris call 1800 654 142 for your nearest dealer or visit www.polarisindustries.com.au

Watch YouTube Amateur footage HERE

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