Well, it was good to start some discussion eh! Seems some of you don’t want any more rounds of the ARC. Would you be the same 99% who don't compete in them now?
Maybe, and only maybe, the ARC should be for promotion of the sport. Go in them only if you’re funded and talented.

* The comments expressed in this column are those of the author, and not necessarily those of RallySport Magazine.

Our sport’s unique issue is that we let anyone in an ARC. Unlike other top levels of motorsport. Novices don’t get to do V8 Supercar races and so forth.
But we let them run in ARC's and when they and others complain of the costs we think we must make changes.
It’s horses for courses really. If you don’t like the costs then don’t go. Go in rallies better suited to your talent and budget. Now if that ends up being 99% of rallying then so be it.
I don't bitch about the costs of F1 races as I don't want to go in them, nor have enough talent nor money to do so.
If some rally people took the same view about rallying and stuck to events suiting their budget and talent, then maybe, just maybe, it would be obvious how the sport can progress.
But while our system lets novices go in the ARC we will never ever have a  series showcasing the best talent. After all, the ARC is just that, a series to crown the AUSTRALIAN RALLY CHAMPION.
Many people seem to want to "dumb" down the ARC in order make it affordable so they can go in it, as far as I can see anyway.
Imagine if Bathurst started that.  Our sport needs a strong top end. Some who go rallying have aspirations to strive for greatness. Let’s not stop that by dumbing down a series already struggling.
It’s only a matter of time before someone shouts down the next "Round Australia Trial" as being too long and too costly, rather than saying "what have I got to do to get a car and go in that?"
The truth hurts sometimes.
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