The World Rally Championship should be just that, and if an event doesn’t measure up then out it should go, history or not.

The promotion of the WRC has led to the detriment of existing championships and it has been the greed and control of Dave Richards’ broadcasting rights company that has done it.

The European and Asian Pacific championships are all but dead. Chinese rallying is on the increase and so is the American, so rallying in those regions will help make these championships viable. Europe will always have its own agendas not entirely suitable down here anyway.

The WRC should be made up of the best of these events, one a month is fine, more than that and it gets boring I think. Give the regions importance again and it will flourish.

Anyway, Subaru started down here in the Asia Pacific first before they took on the WRC, so smaller budgeted manufacturers would probably do the same to fit with their marketing strategies.

And for goodness sake don’t give the broadcasting rights to Dave's company for the other championships as well!  

- B. Maddren,

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