Peggy and Possum met in the 1980s and from then on she was as much a part of his rallying as he was. 

She would be at events, following and supporting Possum around the globe to the point where she was a regular in the service park, her ever-smiling face instantly recognisable.

In this episode of our DustTrails Podcast, Peter Whitten speaks to Peggy about her life with the seven-time Australian Rally Champion.

They talk about the circumstances in which she met Possum and how she became so impressed at the man he was, and the father that he became.

Admittedly, this is not an interview about Possum’s rallying in a blow-by-blow form, but a reflection on who he was and how he affected all those around him.

Through the interview, we’re sure you’ll smile and laugh, and at times maybe even become emotional.

Peggy took all our questions in her stride, and thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing on times that have passed. 

Enjoy the 23rd episode of our DustTrails Podcast, and as some have mentioned to us already, it might just be a favourite.

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