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Meeke points the finger at Citroen over design flaws

Kris Meeke Citroen C3 WRC

Former Citroen WRC driver, Kris Meeke, has been quoted in the French magazine, Autohebdo, saying harsh things about his old team.

“What hurt me most was the infantile wording of the mail announcing their decision, the immaturity of their words.

“The communique was ‘merde’ (sh#t),” Meeke said of his abrupt mid-season termination with the team.

After his huge accident in Rally of Sardinia 2017, he said:

“I asked them if the car had to be redesigned, would it have other characteristics. They looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘No!’.

“Later, an engineer discovered something incorrect in the geometry and the very nature of the car. It took them a year to implement the solution.

“The new version made its debut this year, in Finland (where Ostberg finished second overall). Basically, something was not right in the design (of the C3 WRC). The truth has never been given to me,” he said.

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