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Rally gaming fans are in for some more fast and furious action with the release of the latest SEGA Rally for PC, XBox 360 and PlayStation 3.

A true next-gen game, SEGA Rally looks and plays better than ever, offering fans bumper-to-bumper, heart stopping, and adrenalin pumping action sure to induce a grin to player's faces.

SEGA Rally retains the looping courses of its predecessors rather than the customary point-to-point of many other titles. This, amongst other features, helps to ensure close competitive race action with rival cars all vying to be first over the finishing line to pick up the most points. With over 30 licensed high performance cars to race across a multitude of rich, vibrant and exotic environments, finding the right car for the right surface can put you one step ahead of the opposition. Realistic car handling guarantees a fun and rewarding experience as the signature SEGA Rally power slides are still a feature.

Surfaces vary from course to course, and the track deformation feature ensures that each surface cuts up and ruts differently making each surface a challenge to master. The circuits feature an interactive environment including surface deterioration and smashable scenery, and realistic hazards like dust and mud which will cause the experience to vary each lap.

The result is a dynamic, multi-layered, game structure that produces a huge number of game play possibilities, creating a game that at heart is a serious and rewarding driving game, but with the game play sensibilities and fun of an Arcade Racer. SEGA Rally - it's back!

SEGA Rally is available for download under 'Driving' from the RallySport Magazine Games section for only $89.95.

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