Webb talks to RallySport Magazine’s Luke Whitten on this week’s Special Stage Rally Podcast about how he got involved in supporting other competitors, and how he and Steve Glenney ‘coach’ particular teams to become better on the stages.

Their Smoothline Stage Notes business is an important aspect of the sport, and Webb tells the listeners about it in detail.

He also gives us an update on Troy Dowel’s health and gives a great insight into his talent in comparison to the best drivers he’s been with.

Elsewhere on the podcast, he talks about his 2024 plans and we delve into some of his keys to co-driving.

Plus, Luke & Peter keep you up to date with all the news around rallying in Australia and across the world, with a remarkable influx of high-class AP4 cars to Western Australia and Safari-spec, snorkel-equipped Rally1 cars all on the discussion topics for this week.

RallySport Magazine’s Special Stage podcast is available via the Motorsport Podcast Network on all your favourite podcast platforms.

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