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Rally car switch-a-roo for Windus crews

The Windus WRX, which Arron will now drive at the Marysville Stages. Photo: Luke Whitten

Darren Windus and son Arron have both made changes to their machinery for their respective championships, opting for a change in cars from those they’ve previously driven.

Darren, who is contesting the Australian Rally Championship, will jump from the Subaru WRX GC8 that he drove at the Forest Rally, into a Hyundai i20 G4.

Darren Windus placed third at the Forest Rally. Photo: Tim Allott

The i20, driven by Troy Dowel in WA, became available and, after a third place outing in his Subaru, Windus has jumped at the opportunity to take the keys.

“We were extremely surprised with our result in WA, so we decided to step it up a notch,” Darren told RallySport Magazine.

“The i20 has a lot going for it, and will hopefully be much more competitive than our Subaru.”

Darren will drive the i20 in the upcoming National Capital Rally on May 11.

Arron Windus has also had a car change, but for him, in the Victorian Rally Championship.

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Previously campaigning a hired Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, Arron will now step into the Subaru WRX GC8, which Darren drove in WA.

“Unfortunately the Evo we had planned to run is no longer available, so for this rally we will be in Dad’s WRX,” Arron said.

Arron Windus’ first event in a Subaru WRX, back in 2015

“I have driven the car before, at an event in 2015, but it has undergone a heap of development since then. Hopefully the transition back to it is easy enough though.”

Arron will compete in the Marysville Stages this weekend, on May 4.

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