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Spectators and competitors alike were eagerly awaiting the return of Glen Raymond at next week’s Scouts Rally SA. An unfortunate mishap, which has resulted in a badly broken toe though has thwarted Raymond’s efforts, forcing his late withdrawal.

“A couple of weeks back, we were loading the car late at night for a State Round, we wanted to use the event to test the car ready for Rally SA,” Glen explained.

“I had an incident with the car trailer and it came down straight on my foot. It hurt like hell but at first I thought it wasn’t too bad, then we got my shoe off which was pretty much in half and saw all the blood and realized I was in a bit of trouble,” he added.

The impact tore two nails from his toes and broke one of the toes so badly it required surgery. Raymond has been forced into recovery, with a healing time expected of between 4 to 6 weeks.

Raymond, who was a regular driver in the Australian Rally Championship through the late 2000’s hasn’t featured on an entry list since the 2010 season, although he has made the occasional appearance alongside his brother in the co-drivers seat.

“I’m gutted, I was really looking forward to Rally SA and getting back into the ARC action,” he said.

Entered in a Mazda RX7, Glen explained the decision in machinery and the tough road to get ready for his return.

“My Dad had a Mazda RX2 when I was growing up, so I’ve always loved rotaries. I knew when the ARC went two-wheel drive this year that I needed to get back into it, so the RX7 seemed the cheapest and most competitive option.”

“Unfortunately the car hasn’t been the best investment, it’s needed a lot more work than we hoped to get it ready. We wanted to be at the first Round in Canberra but right before the event the ECU blew up. We hadn’t planned to do the Forest Rally, so Rally SA was our next goal and now I’m out hurt,” he continued.

“So now we’ll aim to do a warm up State Round, the Bega Rally in about a month. If that goes well we’ll be at Rally Queensland, and then the remaining ARC Rounds for the rest of the year,” Glen added.

“It’s very frustrating – the car is ready to go and I was so excited to be going to South Australia next week. I’ll just have to wait a bit longer before I get back out in the forest to do some big skids!”
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