Tarmac Rallying in Australia is now a very popular part of Australian motorsport. We see many new / latest vehicles of all shapes and models. Competitors are spending  many thousands of dollars to have the latest models on the start lines. All this is great for the sport and this is what we need, new models new cars, new manufacturers.

The problem that we are over looking is the tyre regulations. In forest rallies we can use any tyres that are available (not studded),  any compounds, any new sizes, and grooving the tread to gain more grip, however in tarmac rallies we do not allow the competitors these freedoms with tyres.

How many crashes have we seen this year and in past years where very expensive cars have had some mighty crashes, not to mention the competitors having had some bad injuries. I am not saying that all the crashes were due to tyres, but driving on a so-called street tyre with a compound that has to last 3 or more days - well think about it !!!

It’s time CAMS re-look at the tyre regulations and follow the FIA with regards to Homologated Tarmac Rally Tyres for Tarmac Rallies. This will allow tyres for wet / damp  roads, cold tarmac /  ambient conditions to hot  tarmac /  ambient conditions.

Having regulations that do not allow  to have tyre selections is ridiculous. Imagine if the competitors  in the ARC had one set of tyres for a 2-day  ARC rally and if you use any more tyres  you will penalised...

My point here is most, if not all, competition tyre manufactures all have a good selection of FIA Homologated Tarmac Rally tyres that  can be used. You may say yes they do, but what  about the expense of these tyres?  Ask yourself what is the cost of the top 15 to 20  cars on the start line of any tarmac rally or hillclimb in Australia. What's the cost of a few more tyres, if tyres will provide more grip for safety?

It's now time to re think tyre regulations.

Russell Palmer,
Silverstone Competition Tyres

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