The roads in general were quite enjoyable, however the rally certainly had its rough sections! Some of the rocks laying around were huge, way bigger than anything I’d ever seen. As much as I could whinge and moan about the roads being a bit rough and bony in spots, I actually really enjoyed the challenge. That, coupled with it being my first blind rally, plus the new gearbox and diffs, made the learning curve really steep, as predicted. I can’t lie, I was pretty nervous rolling into the first stage of the day. Sitting on the start line with absolutely no clue where the road in front of me went was pretty daunting.
I was a little bit sceptical that I was going to hate blind rallying, however, when I crossed the flying finish of that stage the smile was from ear to ear.
It’s a completely different challenge to pace notes, but it’s something I really enjoyed!

The Caves Classic Rally was a great learning experience for Taylor Gill. Photo: Dave King

As far as our day went, it was relatively trouble free. The car did its thing and although it didn’t want to idle in the morning, it pulled through. From a driving point of view, it wasn’t so bad either. We kept it clean all day, apart from a small excursion and a bit of an overshoot. From a results perspective I was moderately satisfied. I was aiming for a top 10 finish and we achieved that, however 9th or maybe even 8th was possibly achievable. Heading into the second last stage, we were sitting in 9th with a small margin over 10th when a cramp in my left foot forced our pace to slow. I tried hanging onto it as best I could, but there were spots where I just couldn’t go as hard.

Taylor Gill sliding to a top 10 finish at the Caves Classic Rally. Photo: Gravel Pics

All things considered we got to the finish, maximised the experience and the car’s still straight. Not a bad day in the office, I’d say! Until next time, Taylor.

Watch Taylor Gill on Stage 1 of the Caves Classic Rally:
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