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Re your comment: "There are many schools of thought on why the ARC is in such a parlous state, but much of it must come down to the lack of spectacle and the lack of excitement generated by the leading cars."

The increasing restriction of spectators into small penned in areas, transported by bus and too far away from the track, is what is killing it.

It takes away all the spectacle and the sense of excitement that you and I probably remember from seeing our first event at close quarters.

I know there are all sorts of reasons related to liability, H&S etc. which have got out of hand in Australia. But I'm a long term enthusiast for the sport and I simply don't want to go when it is like that. It removes any sense of connection with the event and all the fun.

Jon Hunt.

RallySport Mag says:

We couldn't agree more Jon, but many reasons have seen the spectating of old disappear. However as photographers and spectators, we'd love to see new stages and different locations at all events each year - whether they be ARC rounds, Rally Australia or just state or club events.


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