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Club competitors Ben Smoker reckons that it's time "Flat in Fifth" came clean with he or she really is.

There is no credibility to these articles, unless the author is willing to be known by his/her real name.  None.

As for comparing the ARC to V8 Supercars in that the V8s don't allow just anyone to race, tht is one of the most ridiculous comparisons you could draw.  Haven't you noticed - V8s have BIG fields.  We have between 4 and 6 cars at the pointy end of the field.  Don't kid yourself into thinking 4 - 6 cars is viable - economically or otherwise.

Why not log on to www.bmsc.com.au, and get some of our opinions?  As for the dumb 99% statements (99% of contrary opinions comign from people that don't compete in the ARC), at BMSC's forum, probably 99% of the forum members are actively involved in the sport, so PLEASE don't be talking us down because we aren't Neal Bates or Simon Evans. 

You may or may not be aware that there is driving talent as good as theirs, yet undiscovered, at the lower levels of the sport.  I am CERTAIN that there are better drivers than Mr Guest and Mr Windus that are not driving at ARC level.

Please, please start quoting your sources - you are only making the rallying community MAD by hiding behind this veil of secrecy and stupidity.

Ben Smoker
Club Level rallying Competitor.


Editor's response:

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your comments, which we appreciate.

Our columnist, who has no involvement with RallySport Magazine, has asked to submit under the name of "Flat in 5th", which we are happy with. This is similar to Auto Action, where a column is regular submitted by The Rev.

While you, and indeed we, don't agree with everything that has been suggested, it has created a lot of comment within the rallying community. If it gives the powers that be a few different ideas to consider, then it has been worthwhile.

- Ed.

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