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Vale: Jamie Drummond, 1955 – 2020

Jamie Drummond lost his life in a car accident on June 13. Photo: James Wiltshire, Border Mail

We’re deeply saddened to report that respected Australian suspension engineer and developer, Jamie Drummond, was killed in a car accident near Wangaratta, Victoria on Saturday morning.

Wodonga-based Drummond was a much respected person in Australian rallying, and only ceased manufacturing his Drummond Motor Suspension (DMS) products late in 2019.

A former mechanic for the Datsun Rally Team in the 1970s and early 1980s, he went on to set up his own hugely successful suspension business.

He provided rally suspension for many of the sport’s leading teams, including ‘Monster’ Tajima’s Suzuki operation, Les Walkden Rallying and, in recent years, to Irishman Frank Kelly.

RallySport Magazine sends its deepest condolences to Jamie’s wife Yvonne, and his children, Tracy, Trevor and Emma. He had eight grandchildren.

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Jamie Drummond was 64.

More information to follow.

DMS closed operations in November:

Aussie suspension pioneer calls it a day



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