The Rally of Canberra’s famous Mineshaft has a long and awed history. It was first used way back in the days of the early Castrol International rallies and acquired a reputation for providing not only a gut-wrenching drop into the valley below, but a record number of cars who failed to heed the severity of its descent.

Yet for all that, there are drivers who chose to push the boundaries when arriving at the top. One of these was Peter Jerie who launched his Galant VR4 off the top at something like 110km/h on the second day, instantly establishing a place in the record books for the biggest leap of faith, the high jump record, and perhaps the greatest amount of damage caused.

Words cannot do the jump justice to his feat, but suffice it to say that Jerie and first-time co-driver, 15 year old Tristan Kent, were lucky to walk away uninjured.

Anyone who ignores the severity of the Mineshaft in the future will have to try awfully hard to better Jerie’s leap.


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